An environmental initiative that produces caffeine-free tea by repurposing avocado seeds to promote global sustainable development.



Avo is a brand new sustainable business initiative!

Our tea shines a beautiful orange hue, carrying a taste that is earthy and wholesome with notes of subtle sweetness that leaves the drinker feeling calm and satisfied. 

We take a zero-waste approach to production. In line with our principles on sustainability, we seek to intercept the avocado seed before it is discarded and create a product that is extraordinary.

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Avo will be the sustainable beverage of choice for the conscious consumer.


By producing a wide range of upcycled, functional beverages, and products, we will be an agency for change and a catalyst for a movement that promotes long-term investments in sustainable solutions. 

We also seek to finance further research into the overall efficacy of the seed. Beneficial cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and antidiabetic effects have been reported in animal studies.

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Discover the benefits from the history of its cultural significance, to the science of its benefits and the art of its preparation

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 Our responsible sourcing initiative creates a sustainable supply chain for agricultural raw materials while taking into account the social, environmental, and governance practices of its suppliers. 

Avo strives to align our strategy to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by maximizing our contribution to  Responsible Production and Consumption (#12).


Responsible production and consumption focus on food waste reduction and creating a circular economy. It relates to the efficient use of raw materials, as well as energy and water, to minimize wastage and maximize the value obtained from these resources.


We work with Long-term Investments in Sustainable Solutions (L.I.S.S.) to inspire you to reduce your environmental footprint and support the fight against human induced climate change.

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